Fake It Till You Make It…

I read that in order to form a habit, you have to do the same thing 21 times – or maybe not. Except for going to the gym, where to form a habit, you must do it 66 times – that means that if you go to the gym every single day for two months, you will still not form the habit if you quit!

I’ve been trying really hard to make the gym a habit – making time for it is so much harder than actually working out!

I like going to the gym right after/right before work, so I pack my little gym bag every night and haul it with me very day. Basically, I don’t go out of my way to go to the gym, but I’ll go in if its on my way! 😉

And that’s really annoying: carrying two bags, carrying heavy sneakers… So I devised this week’s gym cheat scheme:


Working towards a goal…

No-Sneaker Week!!!

I scheduled yoga and pilates classes for the entire week, so I’m tucking my pants and sports bra in my regular handbag, and taking it to work.

Does it mean I will not be doing cardio? Well, yeah, at least for the 5 weekdays when I will be doing mostly yoga and Pilates. But if it means I make no excuses to go to the gym for an entire week, I say it’s worth it! And I will also get two solid hours of workout for 4 out of the 5 days (Friday will be just a yoga class.)

And, at he end of the week, I will look back and feel accomplished… and maybe a little hotter, too! 😉


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