Pat Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

She who has never rewarded herself with a cupcake because she “did so well all day…” cast the first stone!

I have done that time and time again, and I knew I had to break that cycle. More than how silly it is to ruin and entire day’s effort to pat yourself on the back, I wanted to disconnect in my brain from thinking of food as a reward for a job well done – any job.

Are you happy? Have a cupcake! Are you sad? Aww, have a cupcake. Are you bored? I know what will entertain you for two minutes…

Are hipster cupcakes an oxymoron?

Are hipster cupcakes an oxymoron?

When I started seriously thinking about my eating habits this year, I established a series of weekly rewards that I could look forward to if I were a good girl

I structured it this way: I would set aside a certain amount of money weekly to buy myself a treat – it started at $50 (if that sounds steep, please remember I live in New York, and that’s, like, two lattes.) and it would go up little by little until I got to $225 (I had my eyes on  this bag as my ultimate reward). I also got coupons on Groupon and Lifebooker for manis, pedis, facials, haircuts, etc – and I gave myself one “beautifying” reward weekly. You get pampered, you get prettier, it’s a win-win-win!

I would order something online early in the week (yay! I’m shopping! I’m happy!) and then I could get a second wave of happiness when I got the delivery 3-4 days later! (I like to maximize my happiness…) It gave me something to look forward to during the week – you know, when cravings hit…


The naked diet squared

When I started breaking my diet, I “punished” myself by not buying any clothes. Once I got back on the wagon and started the Dukan diet, I… forgot. So I recently remembered, and got myself a nice little gift of awesome makeup! and didn’t even think about how I’m on the naked diet!

So now I’m off to spend some quality time with youtube


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